The Company is accreditated with the most important process and product cerifications, internationally knowed, to guarantee the maximun quality and efficiency to our customers:


  Tuscan P.G.I.
(Protected Geographical Indication)
released by Consortium Olio Toscano
  Certification EU Organic Farming
Reg. CE 834/2007
  Protected Geografical Indication
Reg. CE n. 644/98
  Certification BRC
Global Standard for Food Safety Issue 6
  Integrated Farming
Tuscan Regional Law n°25/99
  Certification IFS
International Food Standard (IFS Food)
Version 5
  National Organic Programme
Certificate of Organic Operation
  Certification BV
of product traceability
UNI EN ISO 22005:2008
Certification BV
ISO 9001:2008