We know our olive growers by name

Our growers predominantly located in Tuscany, Puglia, Sicily and Calabria source the best olives, which enable us to produce a superior quality of Italian extra virgin olive oil.

The origin of extra virgin olive oil

Our “TERRE NOSTRE” lineĀ  presents 100% Italian traced, certified,

controlled and delicious extra virgin olive oils.

Each boasts an individual identity that tells the story of each farmer.

Our oil mills in Tuscany

Thanks to the long-standing relationship with the production supply chain, Montalbano Agricola Alimentare Toscana and associated Tuscan cooperatives control over 50% of the Tuscan IGP olive oil produced in the region.

From the birthplace of Leonardo da Vinci

“IL GENIO” Tuscan PGIĀ  extra virgin olive oil is produced, in limited quantity, on the hills of Montalbano. This is the true expression of the terroir, always devoted to the olive growing production, where every year in autumn the magic of olive oil is repeated.

Your Brand

Since more than 50 years, the company deals with the bottling of high quality extra virgin olive oils with private labels,

aiming to meet, with production flexibility, the different needs of the costumers.